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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Farewell

Well, since it's traditional to post from the Saturday Markt, I'd better not skip it. Especially since it is probably my last for some time. So, the markt.

I got here early today, because I have lots of errands to do, including closing up at the institute. The stillness fit my melancholic mood, and I wandered through quietly, stopping to take my farewell from the people who have been so kind and welcoming over the past year.

I got a wonderful whole grain croissant from the baker -- clearly somebody other than me loves them, too, because if I don't get them first thing, they are all gone! -- and a couple of figs from the produce stand, and then had a little bit of cheese from my favorite stall -- the cheesemonger. As I look over now, their new van is busy, people crowding in to spend lots of
money on cheese that is completely worth it. Of all the things I will miss, and there are many, that van and its proprietors is the biggest.

When I rode past the pond on the way to the markt this morning, all the ducks were dozing around it, their little chests puffed out provocatively. It was all idyllic and charming, and even as I had the thought, I saw two crows disemboweling a starling for lunch. It was all very German -- forced practicality among the scenery. It was an interesting start to the day -- and I decided that I would not be eating my breakfast at the pond!

I walked around the markt square, got water, visited the Zitadel, and then had my breakfast (amazing cheese, croissant, and figs) sitting on the old stone wall of the castle. And then, in honor of tradition, I'm having a cup of coffee at Liebevoll (the other thing that I will sigh for!), and writing. The markt has gotten busier, and its sounds in the breeze are a nice backdrop, reminding me that, as frustrated as I am by the scientific aspects of this trip, there are wonderful things here that I have enjoyed.

I really will miss this place.

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