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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The OED brings me joy

So thinginess ({sm}{vdftheta}{shti}{ng}{shti}n{shti}s), the quality of being thingy; (a) reality, actuality, objectivity; (b) devotion to things, practical or matter-of-fact character.

The whirlwind

Nearly a month of silence! Sorry, and all.

I've been back from Europe for almost a month, and had only one trip so far. Tomorrow I leave for yet another mutli-city tour. Because traveling all the time is fun. Uh huh.

It's been a bit disconcerting back here. I feel, if possible, even more alien than before. Everything around me seems to be moving so slowly and I find myself feeling disconnected from real time. The readjustment is proving much harder than I'd anticipated (three months is very different from three weeks; who knew). My students are struggling some with it, as well.

But tomorrow I get to go meet with collaborators, and do nothing but research for a week (all those other responsibilities? A pain in my ass!).

Oh, and it's great to see the cats!

Location: Currently, Berkeley, United States

I'm an academic scientist who is both abroad and a broad. I am on the road so often that I have a house solely so that my cats will have somewhere to live.

Okay, fine. If you really really want to, and don't care how long it is between mail checks, you can send email to ascientistabroad  {a}gmail{dot}com

And, okay, sometimes there are comments. But it's my blog and I'll delete anything I want.

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